Heliotrope Collection, Fernando Parrilla


The artist Fernando Parrilla Zapata (Alcolea del Río, Sevilla 1956)  is a clear example of Andalusian painting, since the 1980’s to the present day. His style has been positionated in the conceptual framework of abstract art . His colorful artwork hide a fetishistic love for music .

Zunino Gallery contribute Heliotrophe Collection from Fernando Parrilla to Upcycling exhibition . This collection is painted in acrylic on vinyl records.

This records were his source of inspiration and inseparably linked to his creative process. Now, they are worn and have been transformed in beautiful creatures full of  the peculiar shapes belonging to Parrilla universe.

In this «use and throw away culture»,  a world in wich everything is destroyed or blurred in dataclouds, this sevillian artist pays tribute to music and the analogue format in Heliotrophe Collection.

Marga Pascual for Zunino Gallery